I'm tired of having to re-introduce myself to the world. If you care...you'll pay attention.

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There’s lots of other niggas like you.

There’s lots of other niggas like you. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever think you are my first nor my last. I’m better than you and I will not change for you unless that change will bring me personal growth. However for the most part, the way you met me is the way I’ll stay. When you lay on my chest, know that your ear isn’t the first ear to hear the beat of my heart. When we kiss, know that your tongue isn’t the first tongue that danced with mine. When I ride you and you’re deep in, deep inside of me, know that there is someone who can reach deeper. And if you don’t want me to go looking for him, or worse he comes to find me, act right.

Be loyal, and love me even when you’re not in love with me. Take care of my mind, and my body too. When I arch my back to your finger as it runs up and down my spine, whisper in my ear how much you admire the skin I’m in. Don’t take half of me and ignore what you don’t like, take it all. Accept me. All of me.

Be attentive to my needs and emotions. Don’t say things you know will break my heart. If you want to be just friends, say so, stop confusing me with your confusion of what you want. Settle with me, and everytime I ask “What do you like about me?” tell me. Reassure my love, justify us.

If you ever get annoyed with my ways. My smile, my eyes, the amount of time I take to get ready, the amount of 4 play I like to do before sexual intercourse or the amount of questions I ask you just out of curiosity…if you ever get annoyed with my spirit or presence…Make it known, because there’s lots of niggas like you.

There’s lots of other niggas like you. You sing? He sings too. You rap? They rap too. You have a job? They have jobs. You cook? They cook. You’re not ready? He is. So tell me this, why should I wait 2-3 months or even years for you to grow up If he’s already grown?

Don’t forget that you aren’t the first or the last. You are simply the one that’s here right now in this moment. And had it been another moment, I’d probably be in the arms of another. So relish in your moment with me. Do all you can with it because a moment is just that. Be grateful that you have a woman like me. And in return, I’ll ignore all the other niggas like you.

Anonymous asked: Love ur blog, where do you go to submit your pics

Thank You :) I don’t really have many places I submit, still looking for different outlets. but mostly blackgirlsrpretty2