“ I’m tired of guys who have small dicks and big expectations. Can’t even successfully do missionary, you gotta sympathetically offer them doggy style cause that’s the only position that will give you some feeling. Humble yourself with your tiny ass dick. ”

— Connie ren

“ I feel like…something’s gotta to give. someone has got to be willing to stand up for something bigger than themselves. Where are the thinkers, where are the people who think outside the box?
Where are the kids from this generation who don’t act like everyone else in their generation?
where are the kids who aren’t ashamed to say they believe in God?
Where are the kids who want to hear real music?
Where are the kids who might smoke weed every now and again but aren’t pot heads?
who can go days, weeks, months without getting high because they’re already high off life.
where are the kids who don’t follow trends?
the kids who still believe in love, the kids who think it’s cool to go to school and learn.
Where are you?
I need you. I need to know I’m not alone. because right now, i feel alone. ”

— constance renoir.