Constance Renoir


Yea you really have to be careful with who you let into your life. Friends aren’t friends anymore. They’re enemies in disguise. They’re green with envy every time you succeed at something. Some people just can’t understand why God keeps on blessing you, they wish deep down that your blessings would just stop. They hang around you just hoping that whatever it is about you that attracts good things will rub off on them. They try to be around you hoping to absorb your light and leave with a piece of your miracle. Be aware of the motives of your “friends”. If you can conclude that they’re using you, don’t use them back just distance yourself. Here’s why, how can you use them back when you are more useful to them than they are to you? Also, maybe you don’t want to use them. Maybe you really just want a friend. Trust the wind with your secrets not them because when shit hits the fan trust they will use those secrets against you. I know they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but has that ever really worked out for anyone? I think not. Be aware of those that say things like “I wish I could be more like you, lets be friends”, “how do you do that? I need to learn, lets be friends”, “People seem to really like you, want to hang out?”, “wow you’re so talented, what are you doing this weekend?”, “Oh you have so many opportunities coming your way, can I be apart of that?”, “We should collaborate even though I don’t really like you”, “How did you get that job? Are they hiring? put me on”, “No I can’t help you with that, but can you help me with this?”.
Or somewhere along those lines.Then when you really need them, you get; “The person you have dialed, is not available at this time…” There is absolutely nothing wrong with supporters, or people who wholeheartedly admire you. But there’s everything wrong with users and opportunists. You get the point.

If you know you have inconsiderate leeches around you, at least let them know that you’re on to them. At least keep your guard up and be very careful with the kind of information you give them. Give them a glimpse but don’t spill the whole tea on what you have planned.Try to keep them out of special projects you really love and care about, you don’t need that 2faced negative energy.  And last, keep your resources to yourself. Sharing is great when it’s with sincere people, but what if they aren’t…sincere? Then what is sharing?…foolish.

“Why you bitches always lying about being mixed? What’s wrong with being black? What’s wrong with being one thing?”


I remember the day I found out “tall dark and handsome” just meant “tan white guys with black hair” and I was never more confused in all my years of life